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About Alma


Growing up with a family that is appreciative and affectionate towards art, Alma Al Faham has lived in many different cities since childhood including Kuwait City, in Kuwait, Amman and Aqaba in Jordan and lastly Athens, Greece. She has been exposed to a variety of rich cultures and traditions for as long as she can remember.  Attending French, English and American schools, allowed her to enrich her sophistication and education. 

The beauty and peace Alma experiences in Danbury, CT, where she currently lives, motivate her and increase her creativity. 

Her love towards Greece, art, poetry, and music, coupled with a degree in Architectural Engineering, inspired her concept for unique, colorful and abstract paintings. 

She enhanced her ability and familiarization by enrolling in professional art and jewelry design courses. 

In her work, she experimented with different techniques, utensils, and layers using oil on canvas and collage. 

"I see beauty in everything and worship love...creating love and beauty, is art." Alma says, "Painting reflects the creativity in me and sets my spirit free."

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