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Uncovering The Truth

When we are asked to draw a person, the first thing we tend to do is sketch a stick figure. Adults and Children equally. We draw a few lines, a circle for the head and usually a triangle for the torso. Details such as the eyes, mouth and nose follow.

When the child within us wants to be revealed in a childish moment of innocence, we tend to doodle a stich figure, a simple straight forward sketch figure.

In this collection "Uncovering the Truth" I started my concept with  a simple stick figure to represent the simple form in which humans are born.

We are born free, equal and simple, until we experience the process of our upbringing. We then become complex and race, religion and ethnicity divide us.


This collection is an analytical study of humans' journey from simple beings to complicated adults, all symbolized by the layers of colors and techniques. 

The hatching and scratching represent the attempt to search for our origins and go back to the simplicity of humanity.

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