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Which one of us doesn’t let go off their guards sometimes and allow their thoughts to go way back in time? Triggered by a picture, a song or even a smell…. It takes a simple flash for the brain to go there.

I have to confess I face a lot of those incidents.  Depending on the memory, I would either close my eyes or live the moment, giggle and smile or choose to shut it down and distract myself in the present.  Many of those time travels that were not understood by Alma the child, make sense and become more appreciated and understood by the mature me.  However, most of the remembrances that were related to art, artistic objects, and my taste in colors or styles haven’t changed since then. 

A few weeks ago, my mind was set off and I relived the stage of myself as a child observing and staring at a couple of framed art of silhouettes of men made out of copper.  We were at my uncle’s house who had brought those pieces from one of his travels, I stood there staring at those art works observing the curves the lines and trying to figure out what they said.  Those silhouettes were made out of Arabic calligraphy engraved in copper creating a very artistic piece of art.  As a child I did not understand what it meant, I was just mesmerized by the beauty of those lines and curves and shapes. I thought they were so elegant and classy.  Every time we would visit my uncle, I would run to the place where those pieces were hung and just dive in the beauty of the layout.  As an adult I now know that those shapes were Arabic letters and calligraphy and that my fascination was in the beauty of those letters and how put together create a beautiful formation.  This small journey to the past inspired the nowadays artist in me to create a vibrant abstract composition including Arabic calligraphy.

The painting contains, the first letter of the Arabic alphabet (Aleph) because it symbolizes the beginning, everything and each story has a beginning. The word (Salam) which means peace, is used in the language to greet one another or at the end of the any conversation or an encounter.  Peace…. how beautiful this word is if implemented like we should…. How lovely aesthetically it looks in calligraphy??

The difference between myself in those time travels and the present me is the maturity and the soul search and spirit revelation.  The discovery of how “Peace” at all times and in four seasons  is the magic potion that has the answers to a lot of obstacles.  It is a greeting, a way to say good bye but most importantly…… it is the end to a lot of drama if you are at “Peace” with your inner self.

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